Volunteer Service Requirement

Light of Life Performing Arts is a non-profit dance school that aspires to produce meaningful performances with excellence.  To achieve our goals, with the help of the Lord, we have developed a wonderful volunteer framework.

Many volunteers are needed to produce a quality performance. Over the years, Light of Life has been blessed with wonderful, willing volunteers for which we are especially thankful.  We have established several volunteer Service teams which include Costumes, Class Representatives, Dressing Room, Makeup, Lobby, Meal Service, and Stage Crew.  Each team requires a certain number of volunteers depending on class size, and teams must be filled in order of their importance (details explained at volunteer sign up meetings to help you figure out where your best fit is.)  Below is a link of the various volunteer Jobs at LOLPA. the description content will help you better understand what is needed as a volunteer team here at LOLPA.

There aredifferent performance volunteer teams. To fill all the positions open on each team, we need at least one able parent from every family to volunteer on a team. We hope you will happily join the volunteer team of your choice and experience the fulfillment of working together with others to make a great thing possible. Volunteer team signup is mandatory at LOLPA.

Volunteering Exceptions and Opting Out

We understand that special circumstances may prevent some families from volunteering.  Families struggling with serious medical conditions are not expected to volunteer.  Mothers ready to give birth or who have recently given birth around performance time will not be expected to volunteer.  *We do ask that if possible, dad or another family member might volunteer to help-out in Moms absence.  We always need more dads volunteering. Parents who are able but choose not to volunteer will be expected to pay a $100.00 opt-out fee.  Opting out is strongly discouraged.  LOLPA appreciates and values volunteers.  We could never reach our performance goals without your help. 

Please review the brief volunteer team descriptions below to consider which team you would like to serve on.  Once you choose your volunteer team, you will be ready to officially sign up at your class volunteer sign-up meeting to be scheduled by your class representative sometime during the school year.   You will be notified when these meetings are scheduled. *

Volunteer Manager Team:  A Volunteer team manager oversees a specific volunteer team.  A team manager must understand all the duties of the team, train the volunteers signed up for the team, and make sure the team functions properly before and during performances.

Class Representative Team:  Serves to provide communication between LOLPA staff and parents.  The class representative assists in class volunteer recruitment, and is the class go-to person for Parents & Team Managers. 

Costume Team:  Serves the costume Department in any of the following capacities:  Costume creation, organization, alterations, transportation, laundering, inventory. Aids in obtaining class measurements and fittings, ordering performance attire needs and more. 

Stage Props Team:  Serves the Prop Department in any of the following capacities:  Creative visualization, Artistic design & Construction, Painting, Transporting props, and Organization of props and backdrops.

Technical Stage Crew:  Serves during performance production week.  Learns stage terms, sets & strikes stage props, learns to fly backdrops in and out, communicates with Stage & Technical Directors, aids in set up and tear down of props, and /or transportation of props.

Dressing Room Team:  Serves to watch over and aid students in the dressing rooms during the week of show rehearsals and performances.  This is a high priority team.

Makeup Team:  Serves to apply stage makeup to dancers per specific training, on dress rehearsal and show nights.

Auditorium Team: Serves to chaperone students in the auditorium on rehearsal nights

Lobby Team:  Serves performance lobby needs in one of the following areas:  Concessions, Flower, and Gift sales, LOLPA Promotion Display Table, or as Ushers.

Meals:  LOLPA provides dinner for tech. Crew and staff throughout production week.  Volunteers on this team will serve to provide food and/or drinks and desert for approximately 25 persons.  *This team is reserved for parents with special circumstances prohibiting them from volunteering a lot of time at the school.