Dance Progressions

Level 5

At this first level in Dance Progressions, students are given a more intense focus on learning more petit and grand allegro (small and big jumps). They are being challenged to maintain technique while truly dancing through their movements with fluidity, use of head and port de bras. Flexibility is a crucial element in this level as well as strength building exercises. As second year pointe students they will sometimes be taking ballet classes in pointe shoes as well as spending time in separate pointe classes.

Level 6-10

In these 5 levels of Dance Progressions, dancers will refine their technique with increased hours of training. They will progress to each of these levels acquiring greater skill and technique in barre and center work, advanced pirouettes, adage, petit and grand allegro. These years in Dance Progressions will prepare students for a future career in professional dance or for majoring/minoring in a dance college.

Pointe 4 & 5

This is class for second and third year pointe students. New level 4 pointe students may be asked to take this class in ballet shoes. In this class dancers will be challenged with a greater articulation of their movements, increased balance and more advanced footwork. Students will spend time at the barre as well as in the center and moving across the floor. Dancers in this class may or may not have a pointe dance in the show.

Pointe 6-7

This is an intermediate Pointe Class for dancers who are technically strong in ballet.

Pointe 8-10

This is an advanced Pointe Class for dancers who are technically strong in ballet.