Dance Introductions- This is the first catagory of levels for Christian Dance Education at LOLPA.  Beginning with little steps, Young dancers are creatively introduced to ballet and progress to the first fundamentals of ballet technique in these early levels.  Young dancers learn how to follow instructions in a group setting, become familiar with how to come to class properly attired, learn simple choreography and participate in group prayer for the lord's blessing in our class.

Little Steps

Little Steps is for ages 3-4.  Students will be introduced to ballet movement through the use of imagery and creativity.  Whether it's visiting a toy shop where the toys come alive to dance, a meadow where we learn to point our feet as we hop like bunnies, or a zoo where we balance on one foot like flamingos- children will enjoy this fun filled class.   Dancers will have a simple dance to perform in the June Dance Production if they are able.

Creative Movement

Creative Movement is the next stepping stone after Little Steps and is for ages 5-6.  This class utilizes creative play-acting, music, and movement to lay the early foundations for musicality and ballet conditioning.  The student is patiently instructed in the fundamentals of pre ballet technique.  Students learn how to execute simple ballet movements and have a dance to perform in the annual June Dance Production.

Pre Primary

Pre Primary is for dancers ages 6-7.  This is the third stepping stone in the Dance Introductions Program. Pre Primary lessons are carefully administered according to the Royal Academy of Dance ballet syllabus.  Students learn several beginner ballet positions, ballet movement sequences, and ballet terminology.  Students begin to learn how to align and position their upper and lower bodies in order to properly execute simple movements.  Pre Primary will experience the sense of accomplishment and joy in learning to dance in a group setting and will also have a dance to perform in the annual June Dance Production.


Primary is for students who have progressed through the first three levels of Dance Introductions program or for beginner students ages 7-9.  Primary lessons are thoughtfully administered according to the Royal Academy of Dance ballet syllabus.  The Primary class is designed to prepare the young dancer for more challenging ballet conditioning in the Dance Foundations Program.  An emphasis on proper fundamental ballet technique begins here. Dancers will also have a dance to perform in the annual June Dance Production.

 Required Class Attire & Hair Style 

Proper ballet introduction requires the appropriate dress, shoes, and hair styles. Please be sure to correctly prepare your little one for class by adhering to the following requirements.  *No jewelry (except for post earrings) is allowable in class. Please see the dress code section of the the website.


Here At LOLPA we aspire to inspirational excellence in our performance production. 

·         An annual school dance production is always scheduled in June, and will be performed once on a Friday night and again on Saturday afternoon.  An additional winter show may be scheduled bi-yearly.  We email a complete guide for show week policies and procedures prior to each performance which will answer everything you need to know about this exciting week.  Online performance ticket sales begin one month prior to show dates.

·         Our shows are usually performed at Central York High School, and mandatory rehearsals are scheduled at that location the week prior to show dates.  We ask our families not to schedule family vacations around show time for the sake of their performing dancer, as well as for the sake of the entire class, as each child’s placement within a dance affects the others.

·         The monthly tuition includes the annual June show and costume fee; if, however, your child’s class is selected to participate in other performances such as Nutcracker, you will have an additional one-time performance & costume fee.  (Little Steps performs in June show only). 

·         Makeup:  Each student will be required to have her own performance makeup.  You will receive information as to exactly what colors and brands to purchase.

·         Performance tights:  Students are required to have new, or like new tights for performances.  You will receive color and style numbers to order.

·         Class pictures:  A few weeks prior to our June show week, class pictures (in costume) will be scheduled at our studio. Photography is done by Lifetouch, and you will purchase selected photo packages directly from them.  Photos will be mailed directly from Lifetouch to your home. 


  • · Many volunteers are needed to produce a quality performance. Over the years, Light of Life has been blessed with wonderful, willing volunteers for which we are especially thankful. We have established eight performance volunteer teams… Costumes, Class Representatives, Dressing Room, Makeup, Lobby/Information, Auditorium, Meal Service, and Stage Crew. Each team requires a certain number of volunteers depending on class size, and teams must be filled in order of their importance (details explained at volunteer sign up meetings).

  • · We require that one parent from each family volunteer on a volunteer team per each performance. Please contact the office if you have a special circumstance preventing you from serving as a volunteer. If your family chooses not to volunteer, you will be charged an opt-out fee of $100.00 for the year.

  • · You will find volunteering with us is well organized, rewarding, and even fun! Volunteer Team Descriptions are posted on our website,

  • · Class Volunteer Meetings: Sometime during the school year, a class representative will contact you regarding meeting times to discuss and conduct Volunteer team sign-up. *Meetings are always held at your regularly scheduled class times to cause as little inconvenience as possible. Please be sure to communicate with your class representative if you are unable to attend.

  • · Volunteer Team Meeting: After volunteer sign up is completed, you will be contacted by the Team Manager of your chosen team and will be asked to attend your team meeting to help equip you for the job you will be doing. All volunteers will receive specific instructions for carrying out their volunteer duties.

  • · Sometimes the Dance Introductions level classes share roles, each class performing the same dance role on a separate day. In this case, parents are asked to volunteer for the corresponding class in order to allow you to watch the show on your child’s performance night. This will be further explained at class volunteer sign up meetings.

Attendance, Punctuality, & Preparedness

·         Attendance is very important for the young child to learn and develop confidence in repetitive class exercises and activities.  Once choreography begins, attendance becomes crucial for the young dancer to learn, memorize, and gain self-confidence in the execution of performance movements within the group.  Each little dancer’s placement within dance choreography is affected by the placement of classmates.  We understand that sickness is an issue at this young age, but ask that your little ones miss class only in case of illness.  Please let us know if you are planning a family preventing your  dancer from attending class.

·         Punctuality:  It is important for the young dancer to be present for the opening class exercises.  Children who come late feel embarrassed and a little lost.  For the sake of these beginners feeling self-assured, please try your best to get them to class on time.

·         Preparedness: The proper class attire, shoes, and hair style have been listed above.  Please be sure your young dancer comes to class prepared accordingly.  There are practical reasons for class dress requirements. Please mark your dancers name on the tags inside all her dance items including inside of shoes.  Absolutely no jewelry, play or otherwise (post earrings permitted) are to be worn to class.


We will be emailing information, class updates, and newsletters throughout the year.  Please be sure to register on line with the best email address for receiving our emails.  

To discuss financial & administrative issues, please contact Kristie Narango at  To discuss class related issues, please contact Debbie Blaise at

Once your class representative has been determined, we will email you her contact information.