Starting off on the Right Foot

It's a new dance year and with it there will most likely be some changes and new challenges.  Here are four tips for getting off to a good start!


1. Approach the new season with a positive attitude.

 Everything is more attainable and more enjoyable when you have a good perspective.  Let any past disappointments stay in the past and be encouraged to press on into a new year.

2. Set Goals For Yourself.  

Whether it be your left leg split, a higher extension, a single or double pirouette, write down your goals for this year.  Then write out a plan of how to achieve your goal.  Don't get discouraged if in weeks or months to come it seems you haven't reached your goal yet...just keep trying your best.  Remember, keeping a plan  70% or 50% of the time is better then having no plan at all!

3. Don't Compare Yourself.  

Dance is a challenging art and we all have personal strengths and weaknesses.  Let your peers inspire you to work harder, but don't compare your weakness against someone else's strength.  Your hard work and perseverance matters to your classmates, your teachers, and to the Lord.

4.  Spend Your Energy in the right places.

Life can be busy and while rewarding, dance class can often add more stress to your week as you juggle school and homework.   You can only do so much before you become drained so guard your mind and heart from distractions that can subtly steal your time.  Facebook, Instagram and social media can seem like just a few minutes here and a few minutes there but those minutes add up!  Try setting your phone aside when your driving to dance with your parents or in the hallway waiting for classes at dance.  You may find that less time on social media will bring you more peace and energy to do the things you really love to do.

alexandra miller